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Free & Anonymous Healing Circles

Heal With Others In My Live Online Discussion Groups

Come together with several individuals working on or wanting to work on unhealed childhood traumas, inner child wounds, addictions and more. These group sessions are gently guided to spark helpful conversations around all things hope, healing, spirituality and empowerment. Members may remain anonymous (audio only), or use video, too. It's up to you!

Hear From Others

Who Are Working On Similar Issues

Anonymous healing circles provide a safe, non-judgmental space to share common struggles.

Sessions are Gently Guided

to provoke conversation and share truths safely and confidentially.

Members feel heard, validated and understood with a sense of comradery.

Learn To View Things in a Different Light

by hearing others' perspectives on the same issues.

It's helpful to understand that we aren't alone in our struggles AND that there can be more charitable and helpful ways to look at things.  

Work as a Team

by sharing various viewpoints.

There is a great sense of unity and empowerment in coming together and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and honest. Some of the greatest healing comes from sharing openly and being eqaully receptive to guidance from others.

Reserve Your Spot In My Next FREE Healing Circle

Your name and email will be kept confidential. You can choose a pseudonym (fake name) during the session to conceal your identity if you wish.

Select Date(s)

Terms & Conditions

Group healing circles are for general discussion around common issues such as healing traumas, chronic illnesses, and/or addictions. Meg Stone Wellness is not responsible for any particular outcome or for members' physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. This group does not diagnose or treat medical or mental health issues and should be used in conjunction with your medical and mental health professionals. Respect for all members  is expected at all times; anyone who shows disrespect or ill will towards another member will be removed immediately. If anyone appears under the influence during a session, they will be removed. Groups are a safe and non-judgmental space in which to share about any addictions present, but in order to provide the most quality and care for all members, intoxication during sessions is not permitted. Consult with your mental health professional before participating in any group healing experiences.

You are all set! I look forward to meeting you in one of my futures circles!

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